“I have tried to bring together in one space clothes, objects, accessories and jewellery that might appeal to men and women who, like me, are curious and explorers of the new, and sensitive to the theme of consumer ecology. I have chosen each object with care, looking for products capable of implementing innovative and fair solutions based not only on profit but also on ethics and sustainability.

I thought about comfort, free time and the ever-longer time spent at home, guided by the idea that well-being also comes through small daily pleasures”

These were the ambitious ideas that inspired Valeria Benatti to create the Ariosto Social Club store.

Valeria Benatti

Always committed to communication and culture, Valeria is the soul of the store. A writer, the voice of RTL 102.5 for over 18 years, she has a background in television and newspapers and now works for Ariosto Social Club and Hotel Punta Scario on marketing, relations with corporate partners and event organisation.